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Get in the Game!

The finance game helps you                make all the RIGHT moves.

                 In today's dynamic business environment, managers                          and employees at all levels with little or no formal                               financial training are making key decisions that                     impact your bottom line. The finance game

         gives them the skills, insights, and tools they need to move            your company … Ahead!

"The finance game helped me understand how my daily job responsibilities affect the company’s profits… Now, I know how the output of my team feeds into our bottom line."

The finance game is an interactive, hands-on workshop delivered on-site to groups of 15-20 employees in one-day or two-day sessions. Employees learn by doing. They run their own small businesses, comparing their key financial information to your company’s actual numbers throughout the workshop.

Getting Started: Your First Move!

In groups of 4 to 5, employees form a "company" in a FUN opening exercise that jump-starts creative decision making, team building and problem solving. They begin thinking like business owners, discovering how their businesses work and learning ways to improve YOUR business. They gain a solid understanding of your balance sheet, a snapshot of your financial position.

  • “Taking the Pulse” Pre-Assessment

  • Making a Business Plan

  • Basic Business Scorekeeping

  • Building a Balance Sheet

  • How Money Flows through Your Business

  • Profit Margin Preview

  • Discovering Net Worth

The Money-Go-Round: Your Next Move!

Your employees are excitedly operating their companies and gain an appreciation for just how closely costs and revenues need to be monitored to earn a profit. Now, employees "own" a complete understanding of YOUR income statement, enabling them to make more productive and cost-effective workplace decisions.

  • How Businesses Make and Lose Money

  • Juggling Revenues, Costs, Expenses and Profits

  • Costs of Sales vs. Operating Expenses

  • Variable vs. Fixed Cost Analysis

  • Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes

  • A Journey through the Income Statement

  • Terminology and Acronyms

  • Pro-Forma Net Income

Cash is King! Your employees become keenly aware of where cash is "hidden" in your company and learn ways to keep the "green" flowing and profits rising.

  • Cash vs. Profit

  • The Cash Flow Statement

  • How to Generate Cash and Keep the Doors Open

  • Inventory Turns, Receivable Days, Cash Conversion, Cash Gap

  • The Present Value of Money

  • The Cost of Waiting – Cash Management

Making Money-Wise Decisions: Moving Ahead!

The Big Picture: Making a Difference!

Now that your employees understand the basics of finance, they are equipped to "take ownership" in your business and tackle the relevant current business decisions YOU are facing. Employee confidence and performance is improved because they make the connection between their activities and your company’s financial results. Understanding of YOUR key business issues and management decisions skyrockets!

  • Profitable Revenue Growth: YOUR Product, Market and Competition

  • How Employee Decisions and Actions Drive Costs

  • Releasing "Hidden" Profits: Creative Employee Solutions to Reducing Costs

  • YOUR Financial Health Ratios and How Employee Decisions Impact Them

  • Cost Benefit Analysis Practice with Customized  Business Scenarios

  • Financial CHALLENGE: Personalized 12-Week Plan to Improve Efficiency

  • “Taking the Pulse” Post-Assessment

"I especially liked the game board. It gave me a real feel for running a

company. The time was well worth it and the results were excellent!"

A Step Beyond!

Customized coaching and follow-up activities can reinforce and reinvigorate your employees’ stake in your business.  


Individualized online coaching for participants can be delivered throughout the 12 weeks following the course(s) to encourage and support participants in implementing their costs savings or revenue generating CHALLENGE projects. They will track and record their ROI in profits back to the company.


A gathering of participants and celebration announcing cost-saving and revenue generating efforts and ROI results from personalized financial CHALLENGES can be delivered one quarter following the course(s).  


Follow-up management briefings using your current and future financial numbers can help company leaders deliver future financial results and initiatives in a fresh, FUN format. 


The finance game will customize a program for your unique needs. We can design gameboards and exercises to match your exact financial statements and issues.

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the finance game
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"You gain the ability to think like upper management. It gives you an

     instant edge in understanding financial reports and your CEO!"

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