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                   Corporate Recommendations


                                                                       Advanced Energy

The presentations were “a great representation of learning in action.  The teams did an excellent job of providing accountability to an educational opportunity.  The presentations offered real consideration for costs savings.”  Fred Weaver, Vice President of Operations, Advanced Energy


“Not only did people get a lot of knowledge about finance, but they were able to turn that knowledge into tangible saving and costs avoidance for AE: a winner all the way around.” Jim Gentilcore, Executive Vice President, Advanced Energy 

“It is imperative that we provide an environment and tools that encourage all employees to continuously improve their processes, bringing increased effectiveness and cost reductions to our business operations.”  Kevin Thomas, Vice President of Research and Development, Advanced Energy






(the finance game)... provided the knowledge and tools that people needed to understand how they can impact the bottom line financials at AE. While some projects were easier to quantify than others, each project provided value in the research they conducted, the problems they analyzed, and the recommendations they made…The total potential cost savings for all of the projects added up to approximately one million dollars. Elaine Lemay, Director of Human Resources and Training Development, Advanced Energy


                                         Dell Computer



I just spent an hour with Sally Robinson previewing the finance gamea learning intervention that teaches finance and accounting principles in a board game context. I came away impressed by what it could do for our employees:

  • Increase their awareness of how cost savings affect profitability

  • Motivate them to pursue BPI initiatives that save Dell money

  • Improve commitment through a greater understanding of their direct impact to Dell's bottom line

  • Enhance sense of ownership through a greater understanding of financial reporting

  • Increase overall financial and business acumen


The course is set up as a game, with a game board and pieces.  As you know, we've gotten great feedback on our Business and Financial Acumen courses for their use of interactive learning maps.  Well, the finance game takes this type of hands-on interactive learning one step further by engaging learners in finance and accounting exercises for their own company. Moving around the game board, learners make decisions and learn their impact on a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Sally can tell you more. 

Our current Financial Acumen learning map is more high level than this course; I think this game dives deeper, so that together these two courses would comprise a great start of a curriculum for preparing employees to move up in their careers, and/or as part of the LEADFirst curriculum, and/or as part of the BPI prep.

I really think there's some good learning here, for Finance and all of Dell.  Please give this course a look.  Dan Lupo, Dell Finance Training Manager



 WorkSmart USA, LLC 2019

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