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                      Industries and Clients Served

Oil and Gas

     Shell Oil
     Motiva Enterprises​ 

Automobile Services
     Jiffy Lube

Manufacturing and Engineering

     Advanced Energy
     Agilent Technologies
     Medtronic (Medical Devices)
     Luminex Technologies (Medical Devices and Assays)

Beverage Distribution
     American Eagle Distributing Co

Health Care and Health Care Insurance
     Kaiser Permanente of Colorado

     SCL Health System

     Exempla Healthcare Systems
     St Joseph's Medical Center
     Lutheran Medical Center
     Good Samaritan Medical Center

     Lehigh Valley Health Network

University and Government Entities ( For leadership, supervisory,     and communication skills trainings from WorkSmart USA, LLC)

     Colorado State University Employee Development

     Colorado State University College of Business: Beverage Business Institute

     Colorado State University Legal Services

     University of Denver Employee Development

     State of Colorado Forest Service

     State of Colorado County Assessors

     Larimer County Workforce Development

     City of Fort Collins Employee Development

     City of Loveland Employee Development

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