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the finance game 

"I have taken a lot of accounting classes, but have never experienced an environment that was this fun, thorough, and fully focused."  Operations Manager, Advanced Energy

“Materials used were great visual aids, easy to understand, very clear. FUN!  Makes accounting/finance questions I had much more clear. This is the best, most useful class I have taken at Shell!!”

Shell Oil Houston Participant

"I learned more here in two days than in two semesters of accounting in college.  I think this class made it clear to all personnel how we affect the bottom line."

Operations Manager, Advanced Energy


Mission: To take companies to a new level of profitability and sustainability by empowering employees to utilize their business knowledge, skills and ideas to grow the company to a higher level of financial success. To use the finance game not only to create a fun way to engage key personnel in the company’s cost and profit goals, but also to increase profit, drive productivity, enhance company morale and teamwork, and strengthen company culture.

In today's dynamic business environment, managers and employees at all levels are making key decisions that impact your bottom line. The finance game  gives them the skills, insights, and tools they need to move your company to its highest productivity and profitability.

3 reasons you should play the the finance game  today!

Relevant and Practical! 

Managers and employees take ownership of your bottom line ... while playing a game!

Exciting & Fun!

Using a dynamic, innovative board game, your financial information jumps to life, making "dry" financial concepts easy to understand. Participants can find hidden inefficiencies, cost savings, and profits!

Profitable & Productive!

Watch your managers’ and employees’ confidence and performance skyrocket as they take a stake in your success! The finance game  builds excitement about the company’s vitality, enhances teamwork, and increases company morale!

 WorkSmart USA, LLC 2019

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